distorted love

Artist Irene-Clémentine Ortega, in residence at Spanish Academy, Rome 2020

Here is a video teaser that shows some of the pieces and concepts I've been working on in Rome since last October 2019. All garments, make up and the idea has taken place at the Accademia di Spagna a Roma where I hold an art grand until the end of June 2020.

Fashion is important in my project as much as scenography, art direction, and performance. In this case, I did an extensive research in 17th and 18th century Italian paintings and theatre memoires. Body distortions and the emulation of color effects that I’ve seen in the canvas of the paintings I studied from are some of the elements I play with in this video and series of photographs.

Due to the COVID emergency, I had to slow down my production and I doubt I'll be able to go ahead with the fashion performance I had planned for the end of the year grant. To materialize these visions allowed me to escape (through distortion) the distress and anxiety I been experiencing this last month.


Online Art Display

Showing the works of international artist scholars, at the moment in residency in the Academies and Cultural Institutes in Rome.