alexandra oancea

"Migrant Chair - Io sono!" project online 7 PM, 9th of June

Io sono!- work in progress, oil on canvas, 80/80*6, painted with pigments that can be found in Italy.

Through my works, I use human portraits not only for representing a specific person, but to illustrate emotions, problems of our society and of our daily life, and so they are becoming Characters.

I called them Portraits of Feelings.

Migrant Chair- wood, gold leaf, acrilic, on site installation, Accademia di Romania, Rome

Artist Alexandra Oancea, in residence at Accademia di Romania in Roma, Rome 2020

In Italian, Io sono means not only I exist, I have life, but has also a religious meaning, referring to the Human And God. 

Io sono! tells the story of 16 refugees and migrants living in Rome, Italy. In my work, I search for inspiration in those elements which are defining our world…the cultural diversity, the folk identity, the diversity of our feelings, and the way we express them, but also in objects that have the power to become symbolic in a universal language. The beauty of our world it's in her diversity. The cultures, traditions, habits, and costumes are all creating a diverse, beautiful planet. These elements are telling complex stories about who we are, and represent ourselves in our full humanity.



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